Employment law

» ARTLEX's social law department supports small and medium-sized businesses and international

groups in managing their individual and collective working relationships.

We intervene in particular on the following issues:

  • Drafting of contractual documents concluded between the employer and the employee (employment contracts, amendments, etc.)

  • Assistance between the company in the daily management of  individual relations in the workplace with their employees

  • Assistance for the company in the management of  collective relations: conclusion of  collective agreements, establishment of the mechanisms for employee savings (participation, profit-sharing, etc) establishment and renewal of the representative institutions of the personnel and the follow-up of  relations with same. (information procedures, consultation etc)

  • Development and implementation of dismissal procedures for personal or economic reasons

  • Disciplinary law: choice of sanctions, implementation

  • Social aspects - individual and collective - plans for restructuring or the reorganization of companies, assistance between the French human resources department with the parent company located abroad.

  • Social audits in the context of merger or acquisition transactions, review of the company's social practices (individual and collective aspects)

  • Assistance and representation in the context of social litigation (Labor Court, Social Security Court etc

  • The lawyers of the Employment law department can assist you both in French, Italian and English, regarding all the topics listed above. 

Drafting of contractual documents

Company assistance

Dismissal procedures

Disciplinary law

Social audits

Social litigation

your special interlocutors 
Cyril Crugnola  and  Virginie Téchené