​Insolvency proceedings - Debt restructuring

» Our firm intervenes in the framework of recovery for companies in difficulty under collective procedures (judicial reorganization, judicial liquidation etc) while writing and representing in the courts for the accounts of our clients, offers for recovery and the drafting of the acts of concession.


We also assist our clients in the context of the difficulties they encounter, accompanying them

as part of their restructuring or renegotiation of debts, if necessary under judicial control

(ad hoc mandate, conciliation etc).

Finally, we intervene on behalf of creditors by assuring the defense of their rights (declarations of claims, claims of retention of title clauses, nullities of the suspicious period etc).

We are also regularly solicited to defend leaders inolved in actions of civil or criminal liability.

your special interlocutors
Fabrice Ségurel and Muriel Le Fustec
and Aurélien Méralo 

Takeover of companies in difficulty

Resumption of Offers and Writing

Acts of assignment

Renegotiation of debts