Fiscal law

We assist our clients with advice and litigation in the following areas:


» Business Taxation


» National taxation (corporate tax, VAT, CET, etc)

  • Tax review (bundle reviews, tax results, etc)

  • Due diligence (audit as part of the acquisitions)

  • Taxation of acquisitions

  • Restructuring of groups (merger, partial contributions of assets, etc)

  • Establishment of foreign subsidiaries in France

  • Tax integration


» International Taxation

  • Management of financial flows between companies of international groups: optimization of cross-border financial flows (interest, royalties, dividends, management fees, transfer prices, etc)

  • VAT and flow of cross-border goods and services

  • Restructuring (partial contributions of assets, cross-border merger)


» Taxation of individuals


» National taxation

  • Patrimonial management: income tax, wealth tax, inheritance transfer

  • Remuneration of senior executives

  • Additional remuneration: stock options, employee savings and employee share ownership


» International Taxation

  • International mobility of natural persons (territorially, optimization of remuneration, prospectors, impatriates, expatriates)


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Business Taxation

National Taxation

International Taxation

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