Corporate law

» We accompany our clients in their day-to-day corporate legal operations (company creation, annual meetings, capital restructuring, change of management, delegation of power, intra-group agreements, dissolution, etc.)


We also assist companies in complex transactions, including reorganizations (mergers, spin-offs, etc.) equity investments and complex securities issues.

We are regularly solicited within our international framework of alliances and commercial or industrial partnerships (joint subsidiary, transfer of activities) in France and abroad, in order to advise our clients on schemes and structures of cooperation between companies.

We also intervene in the corporate governance framework, most often in connection with family business transfers.

In addition, we frequently intervene in the implementation of management shareholding plans for companies, within a framework of regulated plans ("stock options",free share awards, company shareholding warrants) 

or non regimented plans.

Finally, we are regularly involved alongside shareholders, whether majority or minority stake holders, in disputes, or disputes between shareholders, with a view to favoring an outcome that also preserves the interests of the company, by way of a negotiated or judicial solution as needed.

Our specialized corporate legal teams are headed by Fabrice Ségurel, Associate Lawyer and Aurélien Meralo. your special interlocutors Fabrice Ségurel and Aurélien Meralo


your special interlocutors
Fabrice Ségurel and Aurélien Meralo 

Avocat titulaire de la spécialité

Droit commercial, des affaires

et de la concurrence.

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in corporate law are driven by